Monisha's Mantra has been conducting powerful transformational workshops where individuals learn to cure their physical, mental and emotional disorders. We deliver integrative & customised workshops whereby we teach the science of healing the human body using the power of nature in and around us.The program is structured around clinically proven techniques that results in both tangible and intangible benefits.

Corporate Workshops

We strongly believe that 'Healthy employees make a bigger contribution to the organization.' Listed below are few of our workshops :

  • Stress and Emotional Management
  • Diabetes Management
  • Pain Management
  • Time Management
  • Wellness Of Women
  • Nutritional Healing
  • Weight Loss
  • Smile Taiji & Meditation Mantra

Guaranteed Benefits of Our Integrated Programs

  • Positive approach and Perseverance helps in harmonious working environment leading to improved Performance.
  • Focuses on building Concentration, boosting Productivity and Confidence.
  • Enhanced relationships balancing professional and personal life.
  • Helps you to become your own Doctor in curing simple chronic disorders.
  • Ways and Means of boosting our energy levels through nutritional diet.
  • Fresh & novel approach to Stress Management
  • Easy to apply techniques in our daily routine to stay in vibrant health

Teachers' Workshop

Being an effective teacher demands lot of hard work and dedication The role of the teacher involves not only teaching specific content but also mentoring the students, thus playing a very crucial role in laying the foundation of the society overall.

The teacher is a multi-faceted personality who has to nurture one family at home and the other at work. To play all the roles to perfection, the teacher has be stress free, healthy, confident, positive and blissfully happy!!!

We have designed a program keeping in mind

  • Different needs of the Teacher
  • Focusing equally on both the profession and personal life
  • Understanding and Preventing Teacher Burnout
  • Honing Teachers' Leadership Skills

Youth Empowerment Workshop

Youth is the freshness of the deep springs of life full of hope, cheer, courage, beauty and power. We think of teenage as an easy, carefree phase of life but they do have problems adjusting to the constant changes in their life.

Our customized workshops include counselling designed especially to help increase awareness for:

  • Healthy lifestyle & eating habits
  • Issues regarding the Emotional & Physical Development
  • Increase concentration levels and interest in studies
  • Boost self-confidence and energy
  • Handle peer pressure and media influence
  • Effects of addiction to smoking and drinking
  • Healthy relationship with parents, friends and teachers

Children's Workshop

Childhood is the most important and formative part, for it is the bedrock of development of our life. Today the children are under tremendous pressure in terms of peer competition at schools; excel in extracurricular activities along with studies.

Our Children's workshop is a multi-dimensional program with a focus on the holistic development of children in the early stages of their childhood. It is designed especially to help increase awareness for:

  • Early education to healthy lifestyle & healthy eating habits to be fit and prevent weight issues
  • Issues regarding the Emotional & Physical Development
  • Increased concentration level and interest in studies
  • Boost self-confidence, teamwork, accountability, problem solving, and self-worth.
  • Handle peer pressure and gadget addiction

Weight Loss Workshop

Today one of the major disorders of our demanding life style is OBESITY. Losing weight is about much more than just dieting and exercise. It is about deciding to bring about a fundamental inner transformation in our life to experience the outward physical change. Energy blockages in our body are the source of many deeply rooted causes of weight gain.

Our innovative and creative program designed to:

  • Create awareness of the causes and risks of obesity
  • Clarify myths and misconceptions about obesity
  • Understand the link between obesity and health risks
  • Highlight the relation between stress and obesity
  • With our energy healing therapies, we help you to balance the energy and lose weight.

Holistic counselling sessions

Integrative Transformational sessions to help you harmonize the treasures of life!
We help you in your journey of self-discovery for living a little better, being healthier and striving for completeness!

Our counselling sessions focus on:

  • Learning to love and respect oneself, thus developing a beautiful relationship with oneself that helps in living a healthy and blissful life.
  • Understanding the role of self- healing power and learning to implement it.
  • Understanding the roles of love, commitments, trust, forgiveness, acceptance in one's life.
  • Helping one heal relationships, because every relationship plays an important role in our lives.
  • Resolving past traumas, guilt, loss along with agony, phobias, insecurities, anxieties, fear and other negative emotions.

Smile Taiji

Smile Taiji is a form of dynamic meditation. Smile Taiji seeks to restore calm and equilibrium of the mind, body and our energy within, through smooth subtle movements incorporated with breath. The flowing movements gradually develop and strengthen the whole body by stimulating and releasing the blocked energy. This relaxes our body followed by our mind, thus reducing stress and consequently illnesses.

Smile Taiji movements activate the spiral energy system of the body normalizing the metabolic processes, blood circulation, nervous conductivity, immune system as well as the endocrine hormonal secretions. It also conditions our ligaments, muscles and loosens the stiffness of our joints.


Meditation is a simple form of meditation which helps you to connect with your innate healing power ensuring a vibrantly healthy life. It helps us to live in harmony with ourselves.

Benefits of our session:

  • Teaching simple movements to bring about a perfect inner energy balance for managing our anxiety levels, tensions, weight issues, midlife crisis, health issues, etc.
  • Helps focusing on building concentration, boosting productivity and supporting healthy minds.
  • Tailored and easy-to-apply rejuvenating techniques specific to the modern working environment to unleash the stress anywhere, everywhere.

Stress Management

Stress comes in all forms and affects people of all ages in all walks of life. Stress is considered as any physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental unrest and that may be a factor in causing serious diseases. Scientific studies have shown that psychological stress may worsen the symptoms of almost every known medical condition.
We have introduced a unique concept to deal with the stress, an integral part of our lives.

Key Benefits of the session:

  • Learning simple techniques to effectively reduce stress in the middle of any challenging situation
  • Better understanding of own thoughts, feelings and responsibilities
  • Enhanced relationships, balancing professional and personal life.
  • Knowledge of Stress Management Strategies that helps to easily handle the daily stressors, subtle body aches, chronic illnesses, obesity, frustrations, etc

Wellness of Woman

Woman is the backbone of the family. Her commitments at home and workplace demands her to be multitasked all the time.

Our Wellness of Woman workshop presented by women for women has the goal of helping HER celebrate womanhood with a difference and empowers her to:

  • Understand and link the various physical, emotional and mental symptoms to the different hormonal imbalances in female specific anatomy.
  • Learn Blissful strategies for anti-aging
  • Ways & Means of boosting our energy levels through nutritional diet.
  • Learn simple, effective practices WITHOUT MEDICINES that support and enhance health, wellness and youthful energy.

We also provide Comprehensive Training Programs to deal with Stress Issues as well as Hormonal disorders like Irregular/Painful Periods, PMS, PCODS, Menopause, Thyroid, Leucorrhoea (White discharge), etc.

Nutritional Healing

Food is the fuel, the nourishment our body needs for its growth, development, repair and maintenance. It is the most important and integral aspect of our life. Our ancient culture has given us a Pandora box of nutritional healing for optimal wellness. Foods in general affect our physical, mental and emotional well-being and so, it is aptly said 'We Are What We Eat'.

Take away of the Nutritional Healing session are:

  • An understanding of the role of nutrition for a healthy body and mind
  • Knowledge of the super foods for healthy skin and hair
  • Healthy recipes based on the body disorders
  • Ways & Means of boosting our energy levels through nutritional diet

We also have complete detailed Nutritional Healing Workshop which includes awareness of different kinds of food (super foods/processed/junk) and their energies, today's lifestyle affecting food habits, side effects of wrong food habits, Water therapy and therapeutic treatments for hyperacidity, gas, chronic constipation, lifestyle related disorders, etc.

Pain Management Workshop

We all suffer from pain at some point of time. Pain is not an illness in itself but the result of an underlying physical, emotional or a mental condition which adversely affects our moods, relationships, productivity at workplace, etc.

Painful facts

  • 120 million adults (20% of the world population) suffer from pain worldwide
  • 60 million—1 in 10 adults—are newly diagnosed with chronic pain each year
  • 1 in 5 adults suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain
  • 1 in 3 adults has trouble living independently due to pain

Our Pain Management Workshop is an integrative program with an objective to:

  • Help understand the different kinds of pains and their interpretation by the body
  • Help us learn the hidden science, adverse beliefs and attitude about pain.
  • Teach basics of pain management treatment without medicines.

We also provide Comprehensive Training Programs to deal with Acute and Chronic Pains of all kinds like Cervical Spondylitis, Lumbar back pains, Joint Pains, Headaches, Migraines, etc.

Diabetes Management

India is globally emerging as the leader in the lifestyle related disorder - Diabetes.

Diabetes epidemic on the rise in India
67 million Indians are affected by Diabetes, with another 30 million in pre-diabetes group making it a serious health scare for all of us. As the incidence of diabetes is on the rise, doctors say, there is a proportionate rise in the complications that are associated with diabetes.

Our commitment is to spread awareness of the little known fact that diabetes is reversible through our Diabetes Management Workshop. It is an Integrated Program providing complete guidance on:

  • Understanding in detail the causes and complications of diabetes
  • Understanding the relation between food and diabetes
  • Awareness and Prevention methodology for diabetes
  • Appropriate exercises for maintaining blood sugar levels, healthier heart and better weight control

We also have Diabetes – Awareness & Prevention Workshop Series that helps:

  • Controlling and preventing sugar levels fluctuations by Natural ways.
  • Treating diabetic complications.
  • Improvement in pancreatic function thereby reducing drug dependency.
  • Detoxification of liver and kidneys.

Rural (small town / villages)

Since 70% of the population in India resides in the rural areas hence they are the backbone of the country. This program helps them to become their own health advocate using natural resources which are easily available.