Monisha's Mantra – Patient Testimonials



Hasumati Thakkar

Hasumati Thakkar, 68 yrs old lady was suffering from acute asthmatic allergies for 30 YRS. She reached a situation that she was on 24 hour oxygen and steroid inhalers. In just 6 months of our treatment, she is free of inhalers and oxygen and leading a normal life.

Yogesh Garud

Yogesh Garud, Naval Pilot with 20 yrs of flying experience was diagnosed with loss of hearing due to permanent damage to the audio nerves caused by exposure to loud / high pitch noises. Yogesh shared, “My career was down in the dumps & life was heading to a dead end. My first visit to Monisha’s Mantra was encouraging as someone dared to say that the audio dead nerves could be revived. This was the magical turning point. It was the affirmative and positive nature of the treatment at monisha’s mantra which made all the difference. Today, my hearing (as per the figures of audiogram), is unbelievably perfect.”

Anil Pande

Anil Pande, Proprietor of KAS Chemicals was suffering from severe sciatica pain for years with no relief from any kind of medication. In matter of 15 sessions, he was completely relieved of his agony.

Anupama Thakkar

Anupama Thakkar, a housewife says “ I have not only lost weight but my thinking also has changed. I have become more positive and confident and my glowing skin is reflecting my self-confidence.”

Harsha Shetty

Harsha Shetty, was suffering from severe migraine for the past 10 years. With our treatment her pain has disappeared, lost 10 kgs in 6 months and also has overcome her temperamental problems. She claims to be the happiest woman now.

Sunil Shetty

Sunil Shetty, working at Elder Pharmaceuticals saw a very drastic change in his temperaments and nature after attending our Cellular Healing workshop. He says, "I have changed my outlook towards life. My stamina has increased tremendously and I am more active than before."