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    At all levels of existence we are a complete product of nature. Mother nature has bequeathed upon us the unique ability to heal from within.

    Instinctively, our body is geared towards revitalizing itself at all levels. There is a Infinite Cellular Energy System within us.

    We endeavor to positively transform the lives of individuals through our UNIQUE INTEGRATED CELLULAR HEALING program blending the natural techniques of Su Jok therapy, Smile Taiji, Nutritional Healing and Comprehensive Counseling.

    We teach, guide and counsel individuals through treatments and workshops to understand the basic Cellular Healing System of our body.


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    Daksha Patel who barely survived a head on collision road accident. She had multiple fractures from her head to the toe along with emotional agony. She also developed severe Keliods condition which disfigured her face & body. With our self healing program, she recovered completely from a condition that was next to impossible..Read More.

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    Pradeep was advised knee replacement surgery by top orthopaedic surgeons because his knee pain was so severe that his movements were completely restricted. He was totally dependent on pain killers which was affecting his health and kidneys. Read More.

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